SOS Online Backup Review

Here is an intensive review for SOS Online Backup that will deepen your understanding of this software. Following an extensive research on online backups, we found SOS Online Backup to be the best in the market today. It is fast, reliable and has interesting features such as social media backup.

SOS Online Backup is a cloud service with a lot to offer if you are looking for multiple computer backup solutions. It can back-up up to five computers without additional costs. However, this makes it slightly more expensive than other backups. Additionally, you can get SOS Online Backup cloud for a single-computer solution.

Minimum Requirements of SOS online Backup
SOS Online Backup software supports the following operating systems:
• Windows XP, vista, 7 and 8pro (32/64-bit)
• Windows server 2oo8, 2003 and small business server
• Mac OS X10.8 and up for SOS online Backup 3.1
• Mac X 10.6 and up for SOS Online Backup 2.4
• Android 2.2 and up
• iOS 6.0 and up
• Linux volumes supported by network-mapping to a PC or Mac
SOS Online Backup supports any file size and all file types. It also supports unlimited number of files.

Software Key features and what it can do

The SOS Online Backup Cloud

SOS cloud has infinite and unlimited amount of storage. No matter how much data you have this software will protect it.
SOS Online Backup to cloud will give you a full backup for any file type.

There are default exclusions in SOS to Cloud that skips cache data, application files and other systems files that may not be necessary for backup. These exceptions can be modified.

SOS to Cloud supports any file size. It is capable of backing up even a 25GB video. Don’t worry about network interruptions while backing up your content. This software will pick up from where it left. Cool, huh?

SOS Online Backup can be used to free up space on your local hard drives. When you delete any file from your computer, its backup copy remains in the cloud storage forever.

SOS Online Backup apps

SOS Online Backup runs automatically and quietly in the background on Mac, Android and PC. You can set an automatic schedule to run daily. This enables daily backup for your data.

SOS Online Backup for Android is the best in the provision of mobile automatic backups. You can back up your application data, music, videos and photographs. Both family and personal SOS cloud accounts support an unlimited number of mobile devices.

All SOS Online Backup apps are easy to setup. The software will automatically find your files based on their type and set the start-time for daily backups. It is also easy for you to specify manually which folder or files to back up.



Before transferring your files to the cloud backup, they are first encrypted using UltraSafe 256-bit AES. Each SOS Online Backup user`s files are secured uniquely using encryption keys. Your files are uniquely encrypted for the second time once they reach the cloud storage.

For most sensitive data, UltraSafe MAX accounts are used. These accounts are highly protected with encryption keys that are only user defined. Such keys and passwords are never saved or stored in the cloud storage. Therefore, no one can access the data stored in such accounts except the authorised account owner.

SOS Online Backup is very unique. It operates 11 independent data centres and there is no single byte of the customers` data is stored in 3rd –party equipment.
This backup software is designed to meet the needs of businesses and other organizations which handle sensitive information. The created backups are always protected from access by unauthorized parties.

SOS Online Backup has complied with the legal regulatory requirements such as: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and Security and Exchange commission, Sarbanes-Oxley.

Why buy SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup provides the highest level of customer support. You can make direct calls during business hours. Live chat and email support services are offered 24 hours. Moreover, the products website offers you numerous learning resources like FAQs and video tutorials.

If you are using SOS Online Backup, all your digital files are saved to the cloud and you can access them from any compatible mobile device or a computer. The available mobile app is compatible with IOS and Android devices but compatible with windows phone.

This app is mobile-backup enabled. You can back up all the information in your Smartphone, including text messages, contact lists, photos and videos.

SOS Online Backup`s security is flawless. A second copy of all files stored to SOS data centres are kept in a different geographical location.

During transit and while at rest, all uploaded files are secured with military-grade encryption. This ensures the highest degree of security of your files.
Limitations of using SOS Online Backup

The backup report from SOS Online Backup may be too hard to understand. At first, we had to call the customer support to help us interpret the report.

The classic view and wizard view may be too confusing for those who are non-tech people. Also, in setting up the SOS Online Backup in the right way may require an expert.
The customers who use UltraSafe Max accounts may encounter permanent loss of their valuable backed up information if they completely lose their passwords.

This is because the SOS Online Backup cannot reset passwords for such accounts.

Free Trial Version available

A 30day free trial SOS Online Backup is available for users who opt for business protection. This software protects all computers in your office. You also receive free remote assisted first-time setup.

If you opt for SOS Online Personal Cloud Backup, you will receive 15day free trial. This software protects only one PC and unlimited number tablets and smart phones.

Before the free trial time elapse, you should think of buying this software. The personal cloud option that covers only one PC or Mac and unlimited number of smart phones goes for $7.99 per month. The SOS Online Backup for businesses has many options you can choose from depending on the storage size requirements of your data.

It is fast, flexible and reliable. The encryption of files when being transferred from one location to another ensures that your files are highly protected from unauthorised access.

Now, why don’t you visit and start backing up.