NovaBackup for Server – Windows 2012 Backup Review

Whether you are in business or are a personal computer user, the safety of your data is key to both your peace of mind and the efficient running of your day-to-day life. Unfortunately many people don’t take the steps to back up their data, and often the reason is because it is too difficult.

The common perception is that backing up data on a server is even more difficult. Many small business owners face the choice of paying over the odds for IT companies to manage their server or attempting to do it themselves. While Windows server 2012 can provide many of your server needs, it will always be necessary to use other software to fully protect your data.

NovaBackup for server by Novastor fulfills this service through a sleek interface, providing ease of use for anyone to set up a backup server and protect their important data.


Ease of use

Server backup and recovery is often thought to be the domain of IT professionals, as most of the software available on the market is complex and difficult to use.

Novabackup fills a much needed gap in the market. It was designed specifically for those with little IT knowledge, such as small business owners who may not have the resources to hire IT support.

There are two user interfaces to choose from, advanced and simple. The simple option provides ease of use. Wizards are also available to walk you through most processes. When things appear a little too complicated, there is the option of contacting live support 2012.

This is a great service for nervous users as they can ring the provided number and speak to telephone operators who will guide them through the more complicated features of Novabackup for server.

Email support is also provided. Both these services are free of charge. There is also an online forum where users can ask for advice and share knowledge about using Novastor.

Key Features and Benefits of NovaBackup for Server

Backup for Windows Server, up to 2012

new Made for Windows Server 2012, SBS 2011/2008

Backup Wizards

new Easy-to-use backup wizards guide you through the entire backup process

Flexible Selection

Choose to backup individual files, folders, drives or entire systems. Choose multiple destinations and schedules.

Free Online Backup Now Included

new Up to 2GB Free online storage of critical data with full scalability. Utilizing NovaStor’s xSP client/server transfer techniques, combined with our premium storage partners, v14.1 now provides fast and reliable cloud storage

All file types supported

Complete file level backup/restore and mirror image disaster recovery for all your business critical server files.

Faster Backups

  • New compression methods and multi-core processor optimization
  • Reduce backup times by 80% or more
  • With increased core systems, results are even more dramatic!

Retention Management for a lower system load

  • Reduce the system load and increase the stability of your system.
  • Decide how long you keep your backups and how many versions of a backup you need to maintain.

True Universal Restore

  • Industry-Best Disaster Recovery. Restore to any system, even dissimilar hardware
  • NovaBACKUP turns system recovery on dissimilar hardware into a reliable and smooth process. In contrast to other software vendors, NovaStor fuels Universal Restore and Bare Metal Recovery with Microsoft’s original Win PE.
  • Recover Complete Systems in less than 30 minutes
  • Higher availability of critical systems
  • No extra fee for NovaStor’s Universal Restore
  • Restore to dissimilar drive/partition sizes, even smaller drive/partitions new


Bare Metal Recovery with Microsoft’s original Win PE

  • Reliable and easy restore with original Microsoft technology
  • 100% Windows drivers compatible
  • Ease-of-use with a Microsoft based process
  • Microsoft provides the best built- in Windows driver support and constantly updates the system with the latest drivers available. Therefore, recovering a Windows system based on WinPE is the most reliable and successful system recovery. Recovering a Windows system on new hardware with a Linux based environment will inevitably cause problems, for example when SATA systems are in use etc.
  • Save yourself this unreliable process from now on!

Full, incremental and differential image

  • Fast and resource-efficient imaging fitting your requirements
  • Saves storage space
  • Reduces system load
  • Flexibility in backup strategies

Backup and restore encrypted hard drives and other system-specific properties

  • Different image backup modes ensure that NovaBACKUP will also support special system setups like for example encrypted hard drives.
  • Increases availability of encrypted systems

Central Management Available

    • Central Management for all backup installations.
    • Company-wide backup and restore management
    • Central management and monitoring of worldwide installations and users from a standard web-browser.

Versioning Control

With Time Slider technology restore earlier versions of specific files

Mulitiple Backup, Copy and Image Modes Settings

      • Backup mode creates a single encrypted file with all files for easy and manageable storage
      • Copy mode provides robust file copy and synchronization allows direct access of files at the storage point without NovaBACKUP software
      • Disaster Recovery/Imaging makes a single snapshot of your computer system as is. Restore all programs and files with a single click.

Full Support for NAS devices

      • Keep security measures in place
      • Backup to any recognized drive

Improved CD/DVD Support

      • Now works with more CD/DVD drives and the latest technology to ensure more users can backup their data faster and more reliably.

Support for Tape Drives

Backup to any Windows recognized device

Fast software load times

      • Begin working right away
      • Connection available to Free Amazon S3 Storage
      • FTP storage destinations
      • Anti-virus scanning of backups

Supports Central Management

      • Seamlessly connects to NovaBACKUP Central Management Console
      • Administrators can monitor and manage data protection remotely more effectively than before by adding the ability to schedule Disaster Recovery backup jobs.
      • Manage backup client licenses so upgrades and activations are easier than ever. new

Extended Language Support

English, German, French, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Portguese, Turkish and more!

Rotations and backup

One of the many problems people face when attempting to adequately back up their servers is scheduling backup rotations. With Novastor backup server, this complex process is simplified so that the least tech savvy among us can quickly learn with the guidance of the appropriate wizard.

There are plenty of scheduling options. Users can choose rotations to backup every minute or hour or day or month. There are also templates where users can simply pick a pre-planned backup schedule that suits their needs. Four different kinds of backups can be performed with Novabackup, these are full, differential, incremental and snap shot.

Backups can be saved to all the usual destinations including free online storage services and Amazon Simple Storage Services.

NovaBackup for Server has value for money

Despite being a full backup solution for your server, Novastor comes at a surprisingly low price. As well as protecting servers with full backup and restore capabilities, it has a large variety of extra features. It is one of the few server backup programs to offer virus scanning, so that files are scanned as they are being backed up.

The virus scanning is provided by Norman software and updates are available online free of charge. Another useful feature is the ability to backup files that are still open, so backups can be started while you work. There is also a data encryption option, and the program comes with InstantRecovery personal.

This allows the user to create a recovery CD or DVD that can be used to recover a crashed server. Having a recovery CD is extremely useful and more importantly, it provides peace of mind for the user.

While these extra features can be more complex to use and may require a little more technical knowledge than the primary backup and recover options, they do provide real value for money.


While performance depends on where and what the data is backed up to, overall, Novastor runs smoothly and quickly. It backs up data and provides server recovery with the minimum of fuss. Email logs can be set up to be sent to the user when jobs are finished and unattended jobs are also logged in real time.

Data security

When you have all your data backed up in one location, you want to be sure that it is secure. Another of the unique features of Novastor is its high quality of data protection.

As well as scanning all files for viruses, the program has some powerful security features. There are the usual password protection and secret keys, but the most impressive is AES data encryption.

This encryption method has been approved by the National Security Administration and has also been adopted by the U.S. government.

Novastor simplifies server backup. It allows small business owners and other server users to protect their data themselves without having to rely on IT professionals. While users with little computer knowledge can easily find their way around the program by using the simple interface, more advanced users will also find more than enough configurable options and features to satisfy them.

With the addition of a custom virus scanner and the ability to create a recovery CD, Novabackup is sure to fulfill all your server backup and recovery needs.

NovaBACKUP – The #1 Single Server Backup for Small Business
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