Acronis Backup for Windows Server – Review

This is a detailed product review of Acronis Backup for Windows Server. Backups have changed in years but after much research, we found that Acronis Backup for Windows Server gives you the best backup and fast, flexible recovery option of your data.

Sever recovery can a take long time and may require expertise. This may leave your business vulnerable. Then, why don’t you protect your entire windows server environment with Acronis backup? I used Acronis Backup for a longer time and it really worked well. I can guarantee that it will offer your business maximum protection against permanent loss of data.

Minimum Requirements of Acronis Backup for Window Server

The Acronis Backup software supports the following file systems, storage, and operating systems:

  • File systems: ReiserFS4*, XFS*, JFS* and Linus SWAP.
  • Storage: Local discs (SATA, SCSI, IDIE, RAID), networked devices (SMB, FTP, FC, ISCSI, NFS), removable media, optical media (CD, DVD,), private, hybrid and public cloud storage (FTP and SFTP) and Acronis Cloud Storage.
  • Operating systems: Windows server (2012/2012R2, 2008/2008R2, 2003/2003R2), Windows Small Business Server (2011, 2008), Windows Multipoint Server (2012, 2011, 2010), Windows Storage Server (2012/2012R2, 2008/2008R2, 2003), Windows (10, 8/8.1, 7), Windows Vista and Windows 2000 SP4.

Software Key Features and what it can do

Acronis Backup program has a wide variety of features and capabilities that will obliviously please you. These are:

Universal restore

Universal restore is a data recovery technology that enables you to restore backups instantly to any machine. Universal restore enables you to restore the entire system to new, dissimilar hardware by following simple instructions.

It enables you to easily move systems between physical and virtual platforms. It also saves your time on system reinstallations and application setups.

Above all, universal restore enables you to restore your system to a known working condition quickly and accurately. It gives you an opportunity to reconnect to your network without any configurations.

acronis universal restore

Bare-metal restore

This is disk image technology that allows you to create an exact copy of your system and user data easily. In the event of serious drive failure, you can restore that copy of your system and user data easily.

Dissimilar hardware Restore

In cases where your hardware completely fails, Acronis Restore Technology allows bare-metal recovery of your entire system to new.

Business applications to protection

Acronis Backup has in-built VSS support that produces a consistent protection of all running programs like Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, Active Directory and SQL Server.

Multiple Destinations

This feature of Acronis Backup for Windows Server gives you a flexible and reliable recovery options by storing backup copies in up to five different locations.

Incremental and Differential Backups

Incremental and differential backup identifies the changes made since last backup. This helps to significantly reduce backup time, storage requirements and network usage.

Acronis Backup to Cloud

This is an easy cloud subscription that turns an Acronis Backup product into a strong hybrid backup. It is safe and scalable offline backup for any system.

It is easy to use. Just buy a subscription, select the cloud storage size you need. Now you are ready to go!

Acronis Backup to cloud has the following features;

  • Government-approved safe AES-256 encryption (helps you to secure data storage and transfer).
  • Acronis Initial seeding services (saves your time by allowing you to transfer data to Acronis cloud quickly).
  • Large volume recovery services (facilitates quick recovery of huge volumes of data).
  • SSAE 16Certified secure data centres (these are equipped with the latest disaster prevention technology).

acronis cloud

The 3 Products that Acronis Offers

Acronis enables you to protect your data regardless of the size of your organization. There is a wide range of Acronis Backup options for all organizations ranging from small to large and complex organizations. All you need to do is to design your backup and recovery strategy that meets your system needs.

  1. Acronis Backup

This backup product has the following features:

  • acronisbackup1This is suited for small-to medium sized environments that have limited information technology resources.


  • acronisbackup2This is a tailored backup and disaster recovery designed for a single system. Examples of single systems are virtual machine, physical server or workstation.


  • acronisbackup3This is all what you need to ensure maximum protection of your entire system (all in one product).


  • acronisbackup4All backup and recovery tasks are easy, fast and flexible. You don’t have to be an IT expert to perform them


  • acronisbackup5You have all-in-one solutions with affordable perpetual licensing.


  1. Acronis Backup Advanced

This backup option has the following features:

  • acronisbackup6This backup is best suited for large environments with complex organizations


  • acronisbackup7It has a consolidated backup and disaster recovery for manifold systems.


  • acronisbackup8Its products can work in combination or alone as a scalable, customizable solution for your organization.


  • acronisbackup9It has customizable solutions. These solutions have flexible and perpetual licensing.


  1. Acronis Backup to Cloud

This backup is fully integrated with all Acronis Backup Advanced and Acronis Backup products. It is capable of acting as a stand-alone cloud storage solution. For you to activate cloud access and enable required storage space, you need to make yearly subscription.

Why Should I Buy Acronis Backup for Windows Server?

Acronis Backup for Windows Server has many advantages over any other backup software in the market. To begin with, its licensing is very flexible. It comes in a number of editions. The free trial will get you backup immediately while you are in the process of purchasing licenses.

This software is easy to install. It took me short time to install and test it. I found a wide selection of services, a perfect User Interface (UI) and easy restoration features. It`s beyond doubt that you will find this software user friendly.

Customer support service is one of the features I liked most. I talked to a real knowledgeable person who took me through every detail on installation and use of Acronis backup. The support desk will take your calls seriously and are ready to help you if you have any query about the software.

Limitations of using Acronis Backup for Windows Server

From what I found, there are limitations on the free trial version of Acronis Backup for Windows Server version 11.5. When using Acronis Backup Cloud, you may notice that the amount of occupied space on the storage server is bigger than the amount of the backed up data.  Data and system restore may take longer time.

There may be delays in customer support response.

Free trial version is available

Users have access to a 30-day free trial! All you need to do is fill an online form from Acronis official site. The form requires that you provide your name, email address, phone number, company size and country. On submission of this form, you’ll automatically access a download link for your software.

Acronis Backup for Windows Server (v11.5) English costs USD $999 and is available here. After 12 months of purchase, you will be required to make a yearly fee of USD $154.90 for maintenance. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Compared to any other backup software, Acronis Backup for Windows Server seems to be the most effective software in ensuring 100% flexible and reliable system and data backup and recovery. If you buy it now, you are likely to enjoy the best of its benefits including the 30 day free trial.

Disclaimer: This website makes no guarantees about the results customers may experience with this product. Results may vary between individuals.