Backup Software for Windows 2012 R2 Server

Windows Server 2012 R2 Backup

Windows 2012 BackupSince not every backup software is the same and the cost of the software for servers, is higher than the counterpart desktop backup for windows or Linux. This is specially for your server like mine that is running one of hypervisors from the most common of either Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware.

Microsoft release Windows Server 2012 formerly code name ‘Windows Server 8’ as generally available to customers starting on September 4, 2012 and worldwide through multiple channels in September 2012. Whether you are running Windows Server 2008 and/or have an additional server running Windows Server 2012, backup software review here will run either operating systems or just Windows Server 2012.

For the definition of  “Backup” see Wikipedia.

Where you work for a large company running its own IT department or a small business owner like me, than you need backup software for your server. That is reliable to whatever media you choose to store the data on or upload to the cloud with ease of use added in to it.

Backup Software for Windows Server 2012

Here are some of the windows backup software for  ms windows server 2012  that is available to you free or have to buy online to backup your server .  I have done some reviews on different products that is available in the market.

Click on the name of the product to see the review.

  1. Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Backup
  2. Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 with Universal Restore
  3. Symantec Backup Exec 2015 – More information here
  4. Carbonite – More information available here.
  5. ShadowProtect 5 Server
  6. NovaBACKUP Server
  7. SOS Backup – More information here

Storage Devices

The flexibly of the backup software to store the data on your choose the device or backup to the cloud is a feature in its own. There are different options to backup up data to like:

  1. External hard drive (USB 2.0 or USB 3.0)
  2. Tape Drives
  3. Cloud Backup Storage
  4. NAS Device

The popular choice for small business is to use external Hard Drives (USB 2.0 or the faster USB 3.0). That has large storage capacity and is a reasonable price to buy. Depending on the company tape drives (DAT Drives) can a good solution to your company’s disaster recovery plan.

The DAT tape drive itself is expensive may the cost of DAT tapes are cheap. DAT tapes can be a low cost solution compared to other storage solutions. The new method of storing the backup off-site is to the cloud.

See the definition of  “Cloud storage” on Wikipedia.

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a device you use to back up your data that happen to be on the local network. NAS systems are a networked appliance which contains one or more hard drives, often arranged into logical, redundant storage containers or RAID and is an option for any size business.

Windows Server Backup Software: What to Look For

For me as IT Technician and business owner,  I look for the following features:

Backup Features

Look for windows backup software that can do a wide assortment of backup functions easily. Most software should be able to do incremental and differential backup functions, as well as selected files to backup. Look for products that can do disk imaging for complete restoration of files and applications.

Scheduling & Reporting

Most Windows server backup software can cover the basics such as scheduling backups to be done in daily or weekly intervals. However, more advanced server backup software can handle complex scheduling , including the ability to handle multiple backup scenarios, such as setting one sever to one backup media and certain files to another while managing a complex backup schedule that performs tasks all at different times.

This is especially useful for those who need to manage more than one server. Can the software support multiple server to a single backup device like an external hard drive.

After you configure your backup scheduling,  sometimes human intervention may be needed. Notifications by email or posted to the main dashboard can help ensure that the backups you want to occur taken place. For example, a notification may let you know if an external drive is not attached or if the software could not connect to an online storage service.

Reports can include information such as what was backed up, the time it was backed up and the location of the data that was backed up. They may also include warnings, error and system usage reports.

Microsoft Server 2012 R2

Recovery & Restore

Recovery of data is the point of using Windows server backup software. It does not matter how many versions of your files or disk images you have. If you cannot easily restore the data, when things go wrong.

The software should give you different types of restores can do, including bare metal restore, personal file recovery, remote restore and more. How well can you restored from  bootable devices, such as the ability to create bootable CDs or DVDs and the ability to boot from an external USB device?

Supported Backup Media

Look for windows backup software that can backup to a variety of media types. Flexibility in backup media is helpful. For example, the best applications will let you back up your server to another server or to a network-attached storage device.

You should also be able to back up files to a DVD and/or other storage media. Note that if you want to backup to tape you will need to look for accommodating server backup software since Windows Server 2008 and windows 2012 will not backup to tape.

Ease of Use

This software is often used by small business owners, or you have to setup the software for other people who may not have extensive IT or systems administration experience, so you need to looked at how easy it is to configure this software for scheduled backups.

Another thing is how easy is the restore process.

Help & Support

Windows server backup software may be a bit challenging to configure at first, so excellent help and support, especially during the installation process, is critical. When things fail on you or, there is an unknown error in the software, you rely on the company’s tech support.

What support the company offers as well as whether the support offered was free or part of a service subscription. The best providers offer good support documentation as well as responsive technical support via telephone, email or chat. Some software companies also offer services to help you install and configure the software.

This may need a setup fee, but it is a useful service to have available for those that do not use a full-time IT person.

Employing a fail-safe server backup schedule is without a doubt necessary. You never know when you are going to need that all important backup.

Which Software?

The best backup software is the one does everything you want to do. When time comes as it will come one day when you need the backup.

The price and features you paid for server backup software are all worth it.